Duygu Nazlibilek Sumbul was born in Istanbul and currently lives in San Francisco. Her passion for the craft of jewelry-draws on her Turkish and Greek heritage and began at a young age: she fondly remembers the profound beauty of her mother’s personal jewelry collection and heirloom pieces, childhood summers spent on the coasts of the Aegean Sea, and countless hours she spent admiring jewelry in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. During one visit to Ephesus Archeological Museum in the Aegean region of Turkey, she was inspired by the timeless beauty and craftmanship of the Hellenistic jewelry collection to recreate ancient jewelry designs as wearable art in the modern age. Captivated by the rich histories and cultures of the Hellenistic and Mesopotamian eras she saw remnants of all around her, Duygu began researching traditional and ancient fine jewelry-making techniques and the work of Armenian, Greek, and Turkish master goldsmiths.

In 2021, Duygu founded Four One Seven to bring her vision of making fine jewelry pieces by combining ancient methods and techniques with modern designs to life. She currently works closely with master goldsmiths and craftsman across Anatolia who are masters of their specific regional techniques.

Duygu began her career in the luxury fashion and beauty industry in Paris, France as a business and marketing professional for L’Oreal in 2012. She brings her expertise in balancing aesthetic and business perspectives for a global luxury brand in Paris—the capital of fashion—to bear on the concept of Four One Seven. The Four One Seven Collection invokes an international and modern savoir-faire through sleek, minimalist, all-gold designs for every occasion.